Survivors and Families

Brain injury resource links for Survivors and Families

A Challenged Life by Monica Candeloro

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Brain Injury Success, Garry & Jessica Prowe

Brigid Ruden

Canine and Abled, Inc.
Teaching you about what service dogs do

CRC Health Group Help for Troubled Teenagers

Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS), a website dedicated to assisting and finding resources for treating addiction, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and mental health issues. 

Fathers Network

Friends of the Head Injury Association

Head Injury Hotline for Survivors

Head to Head Ministries

Kids on the Block

Life with TBI  – A Resource for Survivors

Mind Over Gray Matter

Our Incredible Mind

Parents Helping Parents

Realistic Hope

The Perspectives Network

Shaken Baby Alliance

Sibling Support Project

Special Needs Family Friendly Fun

Special Needs Workshop

Starbight Family Room

The TBI Chat Room

Survivor Poet

Waiting while someone is in coma

How To Deal With Grief